If you've ever fancied the chance to live in the grounds of a historic house you could soon have your chance after the Enys Estate submitted a proposal for nine residential units.

The estate, which includes Enys House and its grounds near Penryn, has submitted a planning application to convert Grade II listed buildings around its courtyard into an estate history room, garden tea room, small scale meeting room and a group of flats.

Estate co-owner Wendy Fowler said: “Over the past ten years we have worked hard to uncover, improve and protect the gardens and manor house with great feedback from visitors and locals. We are very excited to take the next step in this process - it will be a major investment, but a unique opportunity to reinvigorate the estate.”

The two and three bedroom residential units, each with access to a communal courtyard garden and the main gardens, will remain within the ownership of the estate and be made available to rent, giving locals a chance to live in a special community within these historic gardens, bringing life and a sense of community back into the Estate.

Enys Courtyard was built in various phases around 1800 as stabling and agricultural buildings for use alongside Enys House. The buildings were last used by the Dutch Navy during World War II and have since fallen into disrepair and are currently in need of major work to prevent further deterioration.

The estate manager, Chris Anderson of Savills, whose design team has also drawn up the proposals, said: “These are special and unique buildings and our focus has been on making the design complement the historic elements of the site whilst allowing for functional use.

“In the past, the courtyard would have been the hub of estate activity and the permanent residential units combined with community meeting rooms and improved facilities for garden visitors should ensure a lively future for the estate.”

Enys Gardens are open to the public from April-September and have several public events planned for 2016, including a spring fair to celebrate the opening of the gardens in April, craft fair during the bluebell season and a food festival in July.