Could you learn, rehearse and perform a Shakespeare play in just one day? Because that's what year six pupils at St Francis School did last week as they took on two of the Bard's great works.

The year group's two classes each spent a day with Conflux Theatre tackling A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth, before performing the plays in front of their parents, teachers, and each other.

Year six teacher Helen Allies said: "It's learning a play in a day, which is quite difficult, and Shakespeare as well, which is quite a feat.

"It's boosting their confidence, really and giving them a chance to all take part.

"We were really amazed at the production, blown away by it really. To do all that in one day."

As well as giving the children a taste of the work of Britain's most famous playwright, the workshops have taught them key theatrical skills such as how to project their voices, follow stage directions, and how to get a feel for a part.