Cornwall's new Conservative police and crime commissioner has said she will not get involved in any investigation of alleged fraud by her party at last year's general election.

Alison Hernandez was elected as the new police and crime commissioner for Devon and Cornwall after winning with a majority of 3,794 over Gareth Derrick of Labour after the second round of voting in Thursday's poll.

Following the result, she took the opportunity to comment on recent claims surrounding alleged electoral fraud by the Conservative campaign at the 2015 election.

She said: “I have not been approached by the police or other agencies about this matter.”

“I stand ready to assist with any enquiries that the police or any other agency wish to make.

“At my request the chief executive has put in place arrangements that I will have no contact with the chief constable or any officer from Devon and Cornwall in relation to this matter.”

In an election at which many voters stayed at home, Ms Hernandez took 69,354 first round votes, or 23.6 per cent, compared to Mr Derrick's 66,519, or 22.6 per cent, and a further 21,682 second round votes to his 20,723, with overall voter turnout of 22.8 per cent.

UKIP candidate Jonathan Smith was behind Mr Derrick in third place, followed by independent Bob Spencer in fourth and Liberal Democrat Richard Younger-Ross in fifth, while independent William Morris came last.

Ms Hernandez said: “I am delighted to have been elected as police and crime commissioner by the people of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.”

“It has been a very close election and I congratulate my opponents, particularly Gareth, on what has been a hard fought campaign.

“But when it came to voting I am pleased that the majority of people agreed with my priorities which are, getting the best financial deal from Government for policing in Devon and Cornwall, maintaining a uniformed visible presence on our streets, helping people to stay safe online and support for victims.

“I also aim to review the closure of police stations and to improve crime reporting through the 101 service.”

The full results of the election were:

First round: Gareth Derrick (Labour) 66,519, Alison Hernandez (Conservative) 69,354, William Morris (Independent) 22,395, Jonathan Smith (UKIP) 49,659, Bob Spencer (Independent) 41,382, Richard Younger-Ross (Liberal Democrats) 35,154

Second round: Gareth Derrick 20,723 (Total 87,242), Alison Hernandez 21,682 (Total 91,036)