A group of talented students are celebrating after scoring 40 or more points in their International Baccalaureate (IB) at Truro College.

Students on the IB, - an alternative to A Levels where all students study a broad range of subjects - can at best get 45 points, with 40 points equivalent to more than four A*s or more than five A grades.

Out of 57 IB students at Truro College this year 14, or just over 25 per cent, received 40 or more points.

In the ‘40 Club’ at Truro College this year were Alice Holian, Alexandra Kirkwood, Amelia Lytham, Roisin McCay-Hines, Yasmin Michaels and Edward Polglase with 40 points, Shosha Adie, Maxwell Harrison and Francesca Hume with 41 points, Fiona Chegwidden, Philip Crawley and Morwenna Craze with 42 points, Elynor Moore with 43 points, and Lowenna Ovens with 44 points.

Top student Lowenna Ovens from Truro, who previously went to Truro High School, whose 44 points is equal to nearly five A*s at A Level, is now going to read philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford.

On the IB every pupil studies English, maths, a science, a humanity, a foreign language and one other option, as well as additional components and an extended essay. It is recognised by all UK universities as well as internationally.

Alice Holian from Truro, who previously went to Truro High School, said: “It feels pretty good. I’m really happy about it. The IB has so much variety. All the hard work is worth it. I’m now going to Bristol to study Law.”

Fiona Chegwidden from Truro, a former Richard Lander pupil, said: “It’s really good. I’m now taking a year off to consider what I’d like to do next. I’d like to thank all my teachers. The world’s my oyster thanks to the IB. We’ve had to work hard, and everyone motivates each other. We’re a team.”

Morwenna Craze from Stithians, who previously went to Penair School, said: “You work so hard, but when it happens and you’ve done it, you can’t quite believe it. The IB is great, it’s a community of students, and the lecturers are a massive part of that, too.

“There’s a great support network. I’m really proud of everyone. Everyone has worked so hard. We inspire and encourage each other. Everyone is really invested in each other’s success.”

A total of 57 students completed the IB diploma at Truro College this year, with the average score of 36 points being equivalent to two A* and two A grades at A-Level.

Caroline Keech, IB co-ordinator at Truro College, said: “We are so incredibly proud of our IB candidates. These excellent results once again demonstrate the huge effort, commitment and determination of our IB students. “They are fully deserving of a huge amount of praise for doing so well on a demanding course. Whatsoever they choose to do next, they leave the Truro and Penwith College IB Diploma fantastically equipped to be enormously successful as undergraduates and in their working lives. We wish them all the very best for their bright futures.”