Anyone in Falmouth looking for coffee, cake, and a chat will be able to pop into the Methodist Church on The Moor every Thursday thanks to Falmouth Churches Together.

A group of volunteers has resurrected the Footsteps Cafe, formerly located at the other end of the town, and will be serving refreshments and treats every Thursday from 10am until 12 noon to support the work of local churches.

Dorothy Penman, one of the team at the cafe, said: "All the ladies who work here come from all the different churches in Falmouth, everybody's working together.

"We wanted a community cafe because we have so many works that we do together, street pastors, kids clubs, the foodbank, and all these things need funding.

"It's a way so that we can work to raise some money for the things we do."

She added: "It's called a community cafe because it's for anybody who wants to come in... there's always somebody to talk to."

Alison Durkin, who ran the old Footsteps Cafe, was at the opening morning having a cup of tea.

She said: "I'm delighted they are trying to resurrect it again, the foodbank definitely needs the funds again.

"A lot of lovely people did it before, and they have come back again."

Steve Willoughby, a customer at the old cafe, also popped in for a drink, and he added: “It’s really nice. The cakes are really, really lovely.

“I’d recommend [the cafe] to anybody.”

The cafe will be open during the summer, through August and September, and after that a decision will be made whether to continue into November and December.