Crews reported a boat had caught fire off Zone Point on Monday in the latest of a string of call-outs for Falmouth RNLI over the bank holiday weekend.

Both lifeboats were called just after 12 noon, and while the inshore lifeboat was on the scene it was reported that other vessels were on the scene and any fire seemed to be out.

The inshore boat arrived on scene to find the boat under tow, and after finding no further assistance was required it returned to station.

The eight metre ski boat, with two people on board had suffered a failure of a coolant hose, which an RNLI spokesperson said had caused "a cloud of steam and luckily no fire."

The shout followed a busy weekend, which started with two call-outs on Friday afternoon. At around 4pm the inshore boat was called to escort the single-crewed French yacht Shamrock into port after the skipper had reported engine failure south of Pendennis Point and become concerned about entering an unfamiliar harbour without power.

Then at around 6.30pm the all weather lifeboat had launched to help the 10 metre yacht Scarlet with four people on board which had run aground on August Rock at the mouth of the Helford River.

The lifeboat arrived to find the yacht had been freed and a crewman was put on board to check for any damage and water ingress.

On Saturday at around 1.40pm the inshore lifeboat was rescued a motorboat with two people onboard which had broken down off Castle Beach during a fishing trip and was in danger of being blown towards the seawall.

After their engine stopped working the pair had dropped anchor and waited for a tow back to the harbour.

And on Sunday at the inshore lifeboat was called from Durgan Regatta just after 4pm to help the 11 metre yacht Pretender, which was stuck east of Rosemullion Head with a fouled propeller.

The yacht's own Genoa sheet had become wrapped around the propeller, restricting the use of the sail and preventing it from motoring, so the lifeboat took it in tow to its mooring in the Percuil River.