Developers have revealed plans to build a 152 bed student development on the site of the former Fourwinds pub in Falmouth.

On Saturday, local residents were invited along to the Dracaena Centre to view the proposals, meet representatives of ArchitecturePLB and were encouraged to fill in feedback forms so the plans can be "further refined and developed."

James Maclachlan, the architect's marketing and communications manager, said: "A number of issues regarding parking and student management were raised by local residents, but on the whole we felt that we were able to give comfort that these concerns were being addressed.

"We have asked for final comments to be forwarded to us by Monday 19th September and from there we will be making final adjustments to the scheme before submitting an application towards the end of the month."

One Red Ltd is behind the proposals which includes 152 student bed spaces, including some studios. There would be on-site communal space and facilities, about 20 car parking spaces and a 24-hour warden.

The proposed building is broken down into wings, with each wing being clad in a different material to create a "bold, attractive, high-quality scheme." The building is set to be generally three storeys above ground level, with a small portion of four storeys to the southern end of the site. The wings are further set back along the eastern boundary, with no windows from student rooms looking east to this edge.

Contextual materials such as slate and stone are proposed alongside other modern materials chosen to introduce colour and variety to the elevations. The existing trees around the site will be retained and enhanced to keep the important landscape setting

The complex would be run and managed by an experienced student housing provider who will oversee all aspects of health and safety and maintenance. They will also ensure that the students

adhere to the required standards, procedures and obligations set out in their tenancy agreement.

It is anticipated that the developed, if approved, would save some family homes from conversion into student lets. Residents were told on Saturday: "One Red understand the dynamics of Falmouth and recognise the strain that it is put under by the student population. This is why this building is important. It will help to reduce the slide from family homes to HMOs (houses of multiple

occupation), taking the place of 30-50 conversions.

"The site has minimal impact on the rest of the town, yet has the ability to accommodate many of the town’s requirements for purpose built student accommodation."