Penryn is preparing to host a unique Son et Lumiere night as part of its ongoing 800th anniversary celebrations.

The Penryn 800 programme will continue on the evening of Saturday, October 1, with sound and light murals displaying 800 years of history, created by art group Luxmuralis working in collaboration with the town's community.

Town mayor Mark Snowdon said: “The evening of October 1 represents a chance for us as a town and community to celebrate one of the main events on our Penryn 800 calendar. The Son et Lumiere we have planned with Luxmuralis will be a first for our town. It's going to be fantastic evening for our townsfolk to enjoy. It's going to be very different to anything else we've done for our 800 celebrations and I hope as many people as possible come to watch, as it will probably be a once in a lifetime event.”

The creations will be projected onto the town's historic architecture, including the Town Hall and Methodist Church, and will be free to view, running every 30minutes between 8pm and 10pm.

Becalelis Brodskis who produces and teaches animation with company InterAnima, has been delivering pop up community animation workshops in the area and working with members of the public who have been contributing to the project over the summer.

Becalelis said: “I love helping people create animations and so I'm really pleased to be working with Peter Walker on this Son et Lumiere evening. It gives Penryn a great opportunity to make work about our heritage and see the animations we develop projected on to the buildings in the town.”

Having worked with 500 local school children, history groups, and other community members, Luxmuralis will combine people's views of modern Penryn as well as the town of the past.

This event is being created by Luxmuralis under the lead of sculptor and artist Peter Walker, a previous resident of Penryn, and composer David Harper, and will be the group's first work presented in Cornwall.

Peter said: “Having lived in Penryn previously it is a great privilege to be able to celebrate such a significant historic anniversary for the town. The ideas, historic moments and many of the events represented in the artwork have evolved from local children and residents thoughts and views. We hope that the whole town turns out to enjoy this 800th birthday celebration.”