Plans for a "Flotilla" of three apartment blocks on Falmouth's seafront have won the unanimous backing of the town council's planning committee, although the scheme has received some opposition online.

The proposals have come from Nigel Carpenter, proprietor of St Michael's Hotel and Spa, and replace the original "Liner" scheme for 56 apartments with restaurant and shop, which has been abandoned because it proved too expensive.

Planning permission is now being sought for the "Flotilla" scheme which consists of three buildings which would be built in three phases. The development would create 65 apartments along with a cafe/restaurant and shop along with 71 concealed parking spaces.

Mr Carpenter outlined the proposals at a meeting of the town council's planning committee on Monday evening when he said: "Overall the scheme is slightly softer than before and would have less overall impact. It has developer and bank support. It will still have high quality apartments all with sea views and is commercially deliverable."

Cllr Steve Eva said: "I did like the first application and I like the second one. It is about time we had something decent on the seafront, built with a bit of shape and a bit of class. There are lots of flats down there which to me look like they have just been chucked in the air and landed. I quite like this and I believe it is good for Falmouth."

Cllr Oliver Cramp agreed and added: "This is the sort of good quality development Falmouth needs."

The committee unanimously agreed to recommend Cornwall Council approves the application, but there are others who have objected to the scheme. Among them is Michael Brazier who says: "Unlike the existing proposal, this new proposal has no architectural merit, and could not reasonably be considered to be a sensible or complimentary addition to the Falmouth seafront.

"I think this design will significantly detract from the feel and nature of the Gyllyngvase Beach area which is currently an important draw for tourism to the town; whether or not they stay in St Michael's Spa resort."

Gordon Kent writes: "The proposed block of three residential apartments appear to be much closer to Cliff Road than the previous application of the 'Liner' building. I express concern and dismay at the demise of even more open/green space. The buildings are built far too close together and are at least three storey's too high. This as proposed gives the impression of a 1960s inner city block of slum flats. This certainly isn't very appropriate for such a prestigious area. I wonder what our grandchildren will think in 30 years time when they see these monstrous buildings maybe in a run down condition?"

The full application can be found at by searching for application PA16/08689.