Truro's City of Lights is in need of public support as it celebrates its 20th birthday in just three weeks time.

Over the last 20 years the event has grown year-on-year, and at its peak a team of lantern artists worked with as many as 28 local schools and community groups, illuminating the streets with large-scale lanterns seen by an audience of 30,000 people.

However, such a large event requires significant finance especially to ensure crowd safety.

City of Lights is organised by a small team who volunteer their time and energy every year to secure funds, create, plan and deliver the event, and to help continue the tradition the group is asking every person who attends this year donates at least £2.

Councillor Rob Nolan, the mayor of Truro said: "The City of Lights procession is the biggest event in Truro's calendar. We've been very lucky that a group of individuals have provided us with this spectacle for 20 years, organising the administration and finance themselves.

"They can't continue with this and need to focus on creating the brilliant lanterns, so it's time for the City Council, the business community and the people who enjoy the event to take on the cost. If we don't then there's a very real risk that this year’s procession will be the last."

Charlotte Davis, City Of Lights committee member and Truro resident, said: "The event was started 20 years ago by a team of artists with the aspiration of launching a cultural and community event for the people of Truro, which would bring them together in positive, inspiring and creative ways, to strengthen the community, instil a sense of place, pride and identity.

"This event is a unique partnership between Truro’s communities, artists and the businesses. Let's keep this event on the calendar for generations to come. Just ask yourself, how would you feel about telling your friends and family that years ago we used to have a large scale lantern parade through the streets of Truro, celebrating the start of the Christmas season, but sadly this finished in 2016. Let's keep this magic alive and support one of our most treasured evenings of the year."

Supporters can help fund the event in a number of ways, by donating via the homepage, by COLT16 £amount to 70070, by holding a small fundraising event, or by donating to a volunteer with a bucket on the night.

The organisers are also on the lookout for volunteers each year, and anyone who is interested can email