Plans to knock down the former Four Winds pub in Falmouth and build accommodation for 153 students failed to win approval from Falmouth Town Council after developers failed to accept advice.

The town's planning committee looked at plans on Monday night from developers One Red, which they said seemed unchanged from those presented in a pre-application discussion.

Councillor Rowenna Brock asked if the company had wanted to come and discuss their new plans, and was told by committee chairman Grenville Chappell that "they did not."

Councillors agreed that the developers had failed to follow suggestions about the size of the building and address concerns over lack of parking and potential impact on neighbours at the site.

Mrs Brock said the town council was not able to decide what kind of development was proposed for which sites in town, but simply commented on what was put before them.

She said: "This is a student housing development... we're aware that there's a need for student housing in Falmouth, but they seem to have not listened at all to things we have said in the pre-app."

Councillor Steve Eva added: "We are not opposed to student accommodation, if they build something smaller and within keeping with the area then that's not a problem."

And councillor Alan Jewell said it would have a knock on effect on nearby on-street parking, and that student sites should be "on the rim of the town where they are not going to affect anybody," adding "it's not on any Development Plan Document [Cornwall Council's emerging strategic plan] sites."

Mr Chappell added that the site was "ideal" for development, as the former pub had been "wrecked" by vandals and needed to come down, but he added: "It would be a good place for an old people's home or a Premier Inn," as the company made sure their residents "behave."

The council objected to the plans on the grounds of over development, impact on neighbours and lack of parking, with Mr Chappell adding jokingly: "Can somebody build a castle next to it before the next meeting?"

The motion was passed unanimously.