Falmouth councillors have vowed to put aside any differences they may have in supporting a plan to deliver control of housing, business and student planning to the town.

The council is launching its push to have the Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan approved by Cornwall Council ahead of a potential referendum next year, and if successful the plan will be made into law, making it an enforceable planning document which the unitary authority cannot override.

Councillor Candy Atherton, who chairs the steering group, urged the town's planning committee to support the plan, which she said is "about protecting our town from inappropriate development," adding: "and haven't we wished we had that in the last few months?"

She said of the plan, which has been developed after two years of consulting residents: "I'm sure there are elements of the plan you don't support, we've all got those, but I ask you to look at the big picture."

Councillor Rowenna Brock said: "Many times we've sat around this table... desperate for a reason to turn something down, or support something.

"This will allow us to set out our town as we see fit."

Councillor Steve Eva called it "the people's plan" and Councillor Grenville Chappell added: "Everything that's in there, we can back up."