A new estate in Mabe is becoming hazardous for motorists and small children due to staff and students using it as a car park, one resident has said.

Kingston Way sits just over the A39 from the Penryn Campus, and many people driving to university each day are using it to avoid paying for parking on site.

And now one resident says she has even been threatened by someone after she took him to task over his choice to park on a grass verge near her home.

Emma Willis, who has lived in the area for 19 months now, said: "I have reached the end of my tether.

"I have spoken to the Tremough Campus several times.

"I consider myself to be quite accepting of people, I'm originally from Oxford and used to students, but it's got to the point where it's actually dangerous. They are parking their cars on corners so you have to pull your car right out into oncoming traffic and can't see.

"There's never enough parking, they're actually parking on the grass verge."

Emma said when she has spoken to the campus she has been told to take it up with the police or with Cornwall Council, or just to tell people not to park when she sees them doing it. She recently caught one student doing it, and had what she called a "run in" where she was called a "f**king bitch."

She said: "One person told me to f**k myself. He was quite angry, and quite close to my face.

"It's the staff as well, they're downright rude."

And as well as parking dangerously, in residents spaces, and blocking residents cars, students are also leaving cars on grassy areas which Emma said residents pay a private company to maintain.

She wants the university to take more responsibility for ensuring its students aren't parking dangerously, rather than leaving it to a police force that she believes is overstretched as it is.

And she added: "They charge for parking so everybody who wants to take their vehicle needs to pay.

"The irony is they're doing it to come across as being an environmentally friendly campus by not bringing cars, but they are just parking elsewhere."

"I don't want to get rid of the university, " she added, "but the way they're parking is dangerous and disrespectful."

A spokesperson for Cornwall Council said that it was in the process of adopting the highway from Taylor Wimpey but until that had happened it has "no remit to control parking" on the estate.

The council has entered into an agreement to take on the road, but that required that all roads are finished and a 12 month maintenance period has passed.

They said: "Until the highway is adopted the estate remains the responsibility of the developer."

A universities' spokesperson said they encouraged students and staff to use sustainable transport to travel to and from the Penryn Campus and had "invested heavily in a number of initiatives to discourage car use."

They added: "The universities greatly value our relationship with our neighbours and regularly communicates with students and staff to remind them of the importance of being mindful and considerate as members of the local community.

"The universities work closely with Mabe Parish Council, and are aware of long-standing parking issues within the village and has offered to contribute to initiatives to support improvements."

A spokesperson for Chamonix Estates, which currently manages the estate on behalf of Taylor Wimpey, said the company could introduce parking controls on the estate only if it was requested and the majority of property owners said they wanted it, following a consultation.

She added that there were "always parking issues" on "most developments we look after."