Revised plans to replace the Rosslyn Hotel in Falmouth with purpose-built student accommodation are to go before councillors on Monday and, despite some changes, are still being opposed by many residents who live in the area.

The previous scheme for the site in Kimberley Park Road was for 128 student bed spaces and had been opposed by residents and the town council's planning committee which had recommended Cornwall Council refuse it.

Councillors agreed with residents, claiming it would be out of keeping with the area, unneighbourly and an overdevelopment of the site. They also had concerns over highways issues, the close proximity of the hospital and the lack of a 24/7 management plan.

The revised plans submitted on behalf of Studious Building (Falmouth) Ltd, now show 117 student beds along with ancillary accommodation and 18 parking spaces.

In the revised design and access statement is says: "The design team have worked closely with

Cornwall Council to develop the scheme and ensure that the impact is no greater that the previously granted application (for an elderly persons housing scheme).

"Improvements include: removed the top storey from the eastern and western elevations, massing and form reduced, angled windows used to prevent overlooking from above the first floor

along the eastern elevation and number and size of the windows reduced."

The new scheme has still failed to win the support of residents.Tyrone Harvey says: "The parking planned is totally inadequate and the argument that students do not bring cars is incorrect and unfounded. The Trescobeas Road area is already congested with parked cars and can not sustain any more.

"The surrounding area and streets are a quiet residential area and the added late night activity that this will bring from a condensed number of young people will be detrimental to the well being of local residents."

Paul Bredin says: "This is yet another horrendous student accommodation design which would not blend in to the local area in any way, and would be visible from a wide area. Yet again as with other student block proposals it is within a residential area and any person living next to students will tell you of the noise levels from the building itself and increased foot traffic at all hours.

"The proposed development is also right on a road junction, and it is well known now that far far more students have cars these days than developers would have us believe. That is not a good place for a sudden growth in traffic, especially as there is a hospital and health centre very close by."

Rowena Lowson says: "Why is this even being considered when there is plenty of space on the campus to build this kind of accommodation? Why do local residents' lives have to be disrupted by the chaos and anti social behaviour that WILL occur.

"Yes, students are good for the local economy but that should not mean that all available dwellings or potential development sites should be available for them. If this continues to happen, families will be driven out and the balance of community will be top heavy with students and destroy our town. It's happening already."

The revised scheme is due to be debated by the town council's planning committee when it meets at 6pm on Monday, January 6.