Cornwall councillors are due to rule on whether student numbers at the Penryn Campus can increase by 2,500, when they meet tomorrow morning, Thursday.

The council's strategic planning committee deferred making a decision on whether to allow the student cap to be raised from 5,000 at its meeting in January. The reasons given were so that a higher ratio of purpose built student accommodation could be negotiated and the university would be asked for more information about its future plans for the hub and rim model it proposes to follow.

The debate will continue tomorrow when councillors will be urged by case officer Peter Bainbridge to delegate the final decision to officers with the expectation that conditional approval will be granted.

Mr Bainbridge says in his report to councillors: "The universities bring significant benefits to the area which continued expansion will continue to deliver. There is significant local concern over the impact of the universities on Penryn and Falmouth, particularly around student accommodation and parking.

"The NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) and Cornwall Local Plan are both supportive of the proposal as it will offer increased access to higher education in Cornwall, employment and support economic growth in a sustainable location. Overall it is considered that there are very clear benefits arising from the scheme that are not outweighed by the concerns raised and therefore permission should be granted."