These incredible pictures show a pod of 20 dolphins swimming and playing off the coast of Porthleven, captured by Cornish photographer Carla Regler.

Carla, who has a gallery in Porthleven, spotted the dolphins playing while she was running a workshop on how to take landscape photos.

While capturing shots of the stunning coastline Carla noticed that a lot of seagulls were attracted to a spot in the ocean, but thought it would be just a shoal of fish.

Then Carla noticed a dolphin jump clear of the water, and quickly changed her lens and gave her students an impromptu lesson on wildlife photography.

Carla said: "We were not looking for dolphins at the time, I was teaching some people how to take landscape photos.

"We were taking images from the end of the pier, and we could see the seagulls when and all of a sudden the dolphins jumped out the water.

"I've been down in Cornwall for six years and this was the first time I had my camera with me to photograph them.

"The students loved it, I wish I could have done some video as well, it was lovely."