Kernow Storm FC Girls Under 16 team from Dallas, Texas, flew to the UK for a two-week sightseeing visit and football tour. One of their stops was the Mission to Seafarers HQ in Falmouth.

Penny Phillips, chairman of the mission’s Falmouth branch and a long-time colleague and friend of Antony Penna, manager of the Storm FC club, invited the team to visit the centre during their tour of the UK.

In 2010, Antony brought across Kernow Storm Boys Under 16 team to play for The Year of the Seafarer Cup, and during their stay the girls’ team will be competing for The Mission to Seafarers Challenge Cup 2017 against the Bodmin Girls Under 16s.

Antony, the team and a group of parents were also able to visit the A&P Falmouth shipyard and see the RFA Tidespring. Antony started his working life as an electrician apprentice at the Falmouth dockyard prior to moving to the United States and during his visit was reacquainted with many of his former colleagues, including his department manager, Mark Terrell.