The Prime Minister has been in Helston this morning in one of the most tightly controlled security operations ever seen in Cornwall.

Theresa May visited AP Diving on the Water-ma-Trout industrial estate, receiving a tour of the factory and meeting staff.

However, journalists and photographers were not allowed to follow her through the building and could ask just two questions, in a separate room. Filming was strictly banned.

Mrs May's visit comes ahead of her announcement of a snap General Election, which will take place on June 8.

Currently Cornwall is completely Tory, with all six seats filled by Conservative candidates.

Her arrival in Helston - which was kept completely secret right up until the last moment - comes after West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas asked her to met with him to discuss what the Government can do to support small business.

Speaking in Prime Minister's Questions, Mrs May told the Commons that she would be visiting Cornwall "in the next few weeks" when she would be happy to discuss small businesses with him.

That visit came earlier than expected, with her tour of AP Diving, which has been developing and manufacturing diving equipment since 1969.

It is not clear if Mrs May will now visit other businesses in the surrounding area or continue on to a different part of Cornwall.