A derelict house on a prominent site in Falmouth which is home to rats and a hot-spot for flyposting, is to come under the scrutiny of Cornwall Council enforcement officers following intervention from the town council.

The state of Tregantle, which sits at the junction of Kimberley Park Road and Dracaena Avenue, was raised by

town councillors after they were told that an enforcement case over the "alleged untidy site" had been closed by Cornwall Council.

Town and county councillor, Candy Atherton, said: "I find it quite extraordinary that enforcement have said it has been dealt with. The area is getting over-run and residents have reported rats around the area.

"It is costing this council a bit of money because our teams are going up there and tidying it up and removing fly posters. It used to be a house of some pride, but it has become completely run down and is now being used as a dump.

"I would ask that our enforcement officer keeps going up there, but how Cornwall Council can allege it has been dealt with is breathtaking."

The council's planning committee unanimously agreed to take the issue up with Cornwall Council and demand action. Within three days of the meeting, Ms Atherton said: "Pleased to say just heard back from Cornwall Council planning. Case is no longer 'closed' and is to be reassessed by senior officers."