Another set of plans for student accommodation in Falmouth have been rejected by Cornwall Council, even though the planning officer had no issues with the size or massing of the proposed development.

The scheme for 120 student beds on land off Fish Strand Hill has been refused under delegation because the site is not allocated for development and granting permission would prejudice the community-led Falmouth neighbourhood plan, which is currently being drafted.

The refusal comes hot on the heels of the rejection of a scheme for the former Four Winds site in Grenville Road and the former Rosslyn Hotel in Trescobeas Road, which has now been put up for sale. The news has been welcomed by Save Our Falmouth, who said: "Some good news for the residents of Falmouth. Another example showing that residents working together can be successful."

The plans had attracted 186 comments on Cornwall Council's planning portal with all but two of them opposing the scheme. Falmouth Town Council, Falmouth Civic Society, the local conservation area committee and Cornwall Council's design review panel had all also voice their opposition.

The design review panel said: "We find the current ideas to be a weak proposition and one which we cannot support in this form. The negative issues arise from too much development coupled with a lack of sophistication in the design approach. Whilst we are keen to see this brownfield site developed intensively, to achieve that requires a much more sensitive and creative response to the constraints of the site, and the characteristics of the context."

Planning case officer, Tim Marsh, though, had said: "I consider the design, scale, massing and appearance to be acceptable."

He added: "There is no doubt that the development would alter the existing character of the site, however that alteration in character and other impacts of the proposal must be considered in the context of the site’s history. Whilst the proposals are therefore considered to be a proposal for a significant number of new student apartments in the centre of Falmouth, the proposals are in direct conflict with the council’s strategy for providing student accommodation as set out in the Site Allocations Development Plan Document."