The multi-million pound mega yacht Aviva owned by billionaire businessman Joe Lewis anchored in the Swatchway anchorage, Carrick Roads on Monday after arriving from the German shipyard of Abeking and Rasmussen, a famous shipyard on the banks of the Weser with a global reputation for highest quality custom made motor yachts from 45 to 125 metres.

The 98 metre long Aviva, the owner’s fourth yacht to bear the name, was built under strict secrecy at the German yard with little known about her interior design. She only completed trials a few weeks ago and is reported to be enroute to Gibraltar.

As usual the world of super yachts is often surrounded in cloak and dagger mystery. Some industry pundits claim the Aviva is here for her British owner to see his latest acquisition.

Aviva’s unique underwater configuration is a result of intensive research giving the vessel good sea keeping abilities combined with a 20 per cent decrease in drag. Less engine output is required, fuel consumption is reduced and the maximum speed is a full 20 knots.

The vessel has a hybrid drive system which allows Aviva to run at up to 11 knots without the use of the main engines, using electric motors only.

She is said to have a modern interior with a fully equipped full sized padel tennis court.

Octogenarian Lewis, a tax exile, who lives in the Bahamas is reported to be worth £4.5 billion making him the fifth richest man in Britain. According to the Forbes List of Billionaires he is the 269th richest person in the world with his fortune up by £214 million during the past year. He is owner of Tottenham Hotspur football club, one of his many business investments.

Born in the east end of London this rags to riches billionaire sold the family catering business for £30 million in 1979 then turned his hand to currency trading.

Lewis lost £500 million when the Bear Stearns bank collapsed in 2008.

He spends many months of the year travelling the world on business in his yachts. Onboard are many of his works of art containing works by Paul Cezanne, Gustav Klimt, Lucian Freud and Picasso.