There are several new faces on both Falmouth and Penryn Town Councils following last week's local elections, which have resulted in some councillors losing their seats while others did not stand for re-election.

In Falmouth Vicky Eva, Rowenna Brock and Steve Gray failed to poll enough votes to be re-elected and John Body, Maureen Davies, Diana Merrett and Oliver Cramp had stood down. Their seats have have been taken by Bob O'Shea, Tony Parker, Anna Gillett, Marcella Morgan, John Spargo and two returning councillors, Jude Robinson and Roger Bonney.

The council met on Monday evening when members agreed that Grenville Chappel should continue as mayor for another year, and Trish Minson should remain as his deputy. This will be confirmed at the mayor-making ceremony on Monday night.

In Penryn the new councillors are Rebecca Holden, David Mason, John Thompson, Julie Tucker and Harry Willoughby. Those who had not stood for re-election were Ted Wilkes, Rich Mitchell, Dave Garwood, Chris Smith, Bev Hulme, Gill Grant, Martin Mullins and Nick Ferris. This leaves three vacant seats on the council


Cornwall Council.


Arwenack (43 per cent turn-out): Geoffrey Evans, Conservative, 668 (54 per cent). Not elected: Tony Parker, Liberal Democrat, 309; Kate Thomas, Labour, 270.

Boslowick (39.6 per cent): Alan Jewell, Conservative, 489 (32 per cent). Not elected: Roger Bonney, Independent, 339; Nick Jemmett, Labour, 302; Steve Eva, Liberal Democrat, 271; Trish Minson, 79; Jenny Booth, Mebyon Kernow, 45.

Penwerris (37.7 per cent): Mathew McCarthy, Liberal Democrat, 502 (39 per cent). Not elected: Anna Gillett, Labour, 377; Grenville Chappel, Independent, 250; Nigel Rimmer , Conservative, 143.

Smithick (35.6 per cent): Candy Atherton, Labour and Co-operative Party, 480 (40 per cent). Not elected: Wendy Frost, Conservative, 291; John Spargo, Liberal Democrat, 225; Tom Scott, Green Party, 195.

Trescobeas (35 per cent): David Saunby, Independent, 623 (51 per cent). Not elected: Brod Ross, Labour and Co-operative Party, 255 ;

Frances Gwyn, Conservative, 199; Stephen Williams, Liberal Democrat, 88; Euan McPhee, Green Party, 67.

Penryn East and Mylor: Simon Symons, Conservative, 824. Not elected: Faisel Baig, Labour, 310; Mark Stubbs, Liberal Democrat, 276; Tony Martin, 227.

Penryn West: Mary May, Independent, 464. Not elected: Harry Willoughby, Green Party, 244; Ellie Phipps, Conservative, 155; Billy Burton, Liberal Democrat, 151.

Constantine, Mawnan and Budock: John Bastin, Conservative, 1134. Not elected: Graham Marsden, Liberal Democrat, 573.

Mabe, Perranarworthal and St Gluvias: Reginald Williams, Conservative, 816. Not elected: Simon Taylor, Liberal Democrat, 473; Peter Tisdale, Independent, 303; Cathy Page, Labour, 199.

Falmouth Town Council

Arwenack: Elected: Geoffrey Evans, Conservative, 705; Bob O'Shea, Conservative, 486; Tony Parker, Liberal Democrat, 426. Not elected: Jaine Trethowan, Liberal Democrat, 315; Jayne Kirkham, Labour, 298; Robin Johnson, Labour, 273; Billy Burton, Liberal Democrat, 262p; Steve Gray, Independent, 256.

Boslowick: Elected: Alan Jewell, Conservative, 587; Roger Bonney, Independent, 553; Steve Eva, Liberal Democrat, 412; Trish Minson, Independent, 375. Not elected: Nick Jemmett, Labour, 370; Rowenna Brock, Labour, 340; Vicky Eva, Liberal Democrat, 302; Damian Heholt, Labour, 269; Becky Cocks, Liberal Democrat, 207; Jenny Booth, Mebyon Kernow, 184.

Penwerris: Elected: Mathew McCarthy, Liberal Democrat, 668 (39 per cent); Grenville Chappel, Independent, 469; Anna Gillett, Labour, 454. Not elected: Gerald Chin-Quee, Labour, 446; Sheenice Mitchell, Liberal Democrat, 345; Sarah Thatcher, Liberal Democrat, 328; James Miller, 115.

Smithick: Elected: Candy Atherton, Labour and Co-Operative Party, 646 (40 per cent); Jude Robinson, Labour and Co-Operative Party, 466; John Spargo, Liberal Democrat, 421. Not elected: Matthew Abbott, Liberal Democrat, 335; Alexa Webster, Independent, For Your Voice, 316; Jeff Muir, Liberal Democrat, 289.

Trescobeas: Elected: David Saunby, Independent, 846; Brod Ross, Labour and Co-Operative Party, 397; Marcella Morgan, Labour, 385. Not elected: Euan McPhee, Green Party, 324; Stephen Williams, Liberal Democrat, 251.

Mylor Parish Council. Elected: Jan Robson, 552; Simon Symons, 531; David Lansdowne, Independent, 495; Rodney Myers, Independent, 475; Tony Deacon, 453; Michael Willmore, 440; Alma Hall, 423; Marcus Willcox, Independent, 418; Allan Rose, 388; Antony Polglase, 378; Martin Jewell, 362; Jeni Fraser, 359; Daniel Tregaskes, 352. Not elected: Stuart Daveridge, Independent, 327.

Penryn Town Council (uncontested): East: Vicky Bennett, Rebecca Holden, David Mason, Shelley Peters. West: Keven Green, John Langan, Mary May, Glanville Rickard, Mark Snowdon, John Thompson, Julie Tucker, Chaz Wenmoth, Harry Willoughby.