The first signs of Falmouth's new legislation against new houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) are being seen at the town council, with members being called upon to comment on new applications.

At a meeting of the town planning committee last week, councillors looked at an application to change the use class of Bay Lodge on Castle Drive, which houses eight people from C3, dwelling house, to C4, HMO.

The applicant, Ryan Walker, told councillors that the proposal was "for an HMO licence only" and not "to extend or enlarge the property."

He explained that the property was usually let out to tourists from April to November, and then during the winter months was either booked out to groups or as accommodation for business travellers, such as contractors from the docks nearby.

Asked whether the property was operated as a business or as a holiday let, he said it was currently let but the new rules would require a licence for HMOs.

Councillor Candy Atherton said she was "a little confused" as to why the application had been made as "article four only relates to new HMOs after July 2017, and added: "I don't think we anticipate every HMO coming in."

However town clerk Mark Williams said the application was simply to "regularise the use of the property."

And councillor Steve Eva noted that Mr Walker was "trying to cover himself," adding: "We don't all understand it [the Article 4 legislation] how can we expect the public to understand it."

Councillors voted to support the application.