A woman from Truro was shocked when she returned home to see thousands of bees swarming in her garden - for the second time.

Kerry Spiller, 31, said she was scared and confused when she first found a huge swarm of bees flying outside her house in 2016.

She called a local beekeeper to come and collect them, as she did not want the bees destroyed, and thought that would be the end of the matter.

But when Kerry returned to her home in Truro on Monday she was greeted by the all-to-familiar buzzing, as the huge swarm had returned.

Kerry, a receptionist, said: "It's pretty terrifying, the first time it happened I thought the world was going to end.

"This is what happens when the queen is on the move, all of the other bees follow her to protect her. This is the second time it's happened, it must mean the queen was moving around.

"I called the British Beekeepers Association in Cornwall so some one would come and collect them, rather than gassing them because that's what pest control would have done.

"Bees are important, they're endangered so I didn't want them to be killed.

"It was beautiful to watch, the bee keeper that came was able to capture the queen and put her in a bag, then all the others just followed her in there.

"When he takes them back he just pours the bag into his hive, and they all make a home there.

"It was scary to see them all buzzing around like that, but they weren't interested in me. I'm sure they wouldn't have stung me, they just wanted to protect the queen."