Four students from Truro School’s sixth form are busy preparing themselves for the finals of the Debating Matters national finals next weekend.

Caitlin Maxwell, Henry Balkwill-Ruddick, Chloe Dobbs and Alex Boote will be travelling to London to take part in the competition, after earning their place back in April.

The team won the South West regionals against Cardiff and previous winners, Exeter College, and have been meeting up whenever possible amidst their AS and A level exams to practice.

The students have said the experience so far has left them with valuable skills for their futures, and they are thankful for their English teacher, Ms Selvey, who encouraged them to join the debate team.

Having fiercely debated on sharing economy, health monitoring devices and trigger warnings at the regionals, the four students recently received their final motions to debate.

Alex and Chloe will be competing in the second round, arguing for ‘monuments to controversial historical figures should remain’ and Caitlin and Henry will compete in the third round arguing against ‘social media sites should filter out fake news’.

Chloe Dobbs, a lower sixth student, said: “I think debating really helps you become mentally sharper and to think on your feet, you have to respond to the question straight away so you do learn to come up with answers to things quickly.”

Headmaster Andrew Gordon-Brown, says: “Extra-curricular clubs are a big part of life at Truro School and our students grow so much from their experiences outside the classroom.

“It’s fantastic to see our debating team doing so well and making it to the national finals. What super preparation for life after Truro School.”

The final rounds take place from July 30 – 2, at the Museum of London and are open to the public.