Pewter Live, an annual European design competition which aims to encourage designers to use pewter, a grey alloy of tin with copper and antimony, was inundated with Truro College student winners, proving their designs are some of the best in Europe.

All students who won first, second and third prize were from Truro College, and included Maria de Klerk from Redruth, Freja Taylor from Hayle and Heidi Carthew from Truro.

Heidi, a second year silversmithing and jewellery student, was the star of the competition and won best in show for her hygge herb garden design.

She said: “I was already doing an apprenticeship for jewellery manufacturing when I decided to apply for the foundation. I am absolutely loving the course.

"We had to design a piece for Pewter Live as part of our assignment and it seemed silly to not enter the competition properly afterwards.

“I am so pleased with the result and was really surprised, but am really proud of what I have created."

Bude-based Sarah Shelton-Palmer, who is also in her second year of silversmithing and jewellery left far from empty handed, sweeping third place in the jewellery and fashion category, as well as winning the ABPC Commercial Prize.

Sarah said: “I always have loved art and jewellery, but decided to take that love a step further by applying for the Foundation degree last year. I didn’t expect to love the course as much as I do, and I have really got so much from it.

“I was overwhelmed by the result from Pewter Live and it is a huge boost of confidence.

“I now feel a step closer to being able to take my work into the industry, and am confident I can be successful with what I do.”