Police investigating a "planned gas explosion" at Helston Cricket Club have said it is lucky no one was hurt.

Detective Constable Martin Hearn, of Helston CID, was speaking as the man behind the attack was jailed for eight months last week.

As reported last week, Jamie Borrett was convicted by a jury at Truro Crown Court of theft and arson, following a two-day trial.

Last Thursday he was sentenced to eight months in prison, after the jury unanimously found him guilty of stealing £515 from the club's safe before using it to try and win the jackpot on the clubhouse gambling machine, at the end of his shift behind the bar on July 14 last year.

After losing the money, the court heard he went on to set six fires and turned on the clubhouse cooker's gas hobs, in an attempt to cover up his tracks.

DC Hearn said: “The offence appeared to be linked to the defendant having a problem with either alcohol, gambling, or both, and despite being a man who had given many years of service to Helston Cricket Club, was willing to destroy the clubhouse, in an attempt to cover his tracks.

"I would like to thank the witnesses who had to give evidence during the trial, in a case where they all knew the defendant. This all followed a lengthy investigation where the key evidence was Borrett being at the club on his own, cigarette butts left by the gambling machine with the defendant's DNA on, and the safe remaining intact, having been opened with a key, which Borrett possessed.

"The custodial sentence reflects the serious nature of the offence, and we must all be thankful that no persons were harmed, when considering this planned gas explosion which could have taken place at a well used community club."