We are very grateful for the publicity awarded to us by The Biscuit Fund and for their one-off donation of food which was indeed larger than average. However we have received several similar one-off generous and sometimes larger donations of food which we equally value and are extremely grateful for.

But, we would be unable to function for very long without the many smaller donations of food which the community and local churches give to us on an on-going regular basis. We are profoundly grateful to them for their generosity and the diligent observance of our weekly requirements published on our web-site, in the Falmouth Packet and by the Penryn and Falmouth Churches Together (FPCT) group.

We would like to express a very big thanks you to everyone who cares about the people of Falmouth, Penryn and the surrounding community.

Best Regards,

Ruth Painter,

Foodbank Coordinator