Councillors in Penryn will join their colleagues in Falmouth in calling for student landlords to be made to pay council tax.

Two months ago Falmouth Town Council voted to write to Cornwall Council, asking that it lobbies the government to change to rules on taxing student lets, after Councillor Roger Bonney said Falmouth lost over £850,000 in revenue each year through academic exemptions.

Although it was pointed out that an attempt had been made quite recently and the government resisted as it felt costs would be passed back to students, it was decided to try again as the issue was back under review, nationally.

At a meeting on Monday Penryn Town Council discussed a letter from Falmouth Town Council asking for its backing, and Mary May, who sits on the town and Cornwall Council, said she had raised the issue at a recent budget meeting at County Hall.

She said: "I was told it's a central government directive. However, if they want to lobby we should be supporting them, and then MPs can bring it up."

The council voted unanimously to support the move.