Council tax in Cornwall could rise in line with last year's changes following provisional budget proposals, Penryn Town Council has been told.

Mary May, Cornwall Councillor for Penryn West, said: "I think there's a provisional proposal to keep it the same as last year: two per cent for social care and 1.99 per cent suggested council tax [increase]."

But she added: "Nothing's set in stone."

Mrs May told councillors that since central government had begun imposing spending cuts, the council had taken £300 million off the budget, with another £70 million expected over the next three years.

She added that one councillor at last week's budget meetings had proposed a 15 per cent tax increase.

While the proposals by Cornwall council would add up to a 3.99 per cent increase, the final total would also include precepts for local town councils and for Devon and Cornwall Police, which are also included in council tax bills.