Am I going mad, having read both of your articles in the Falmouth Packet, November 15.

One is saying that the council has the money to get involved with the purchase of Mr Tozer's land at Treliever by compulsory purchase, also land close by, and the other is saying that they are needing to cut their budget. Am I the only one that thinks this way that as rate payers we should have a voice or vote of no confidence finally in the council as they are just taking the mick.

When are they going to get it, that they need to sort out their own house before looking at other projects which they do not have the money for. Let private investment help if needed to invest in the universities plan for students, they have been the downfall of Penryn and Falmouth from day one. I know I used to live in Mabe.

As far the council, they just take the biscuit. If they have the money to buy land then I like most will need a refund on my rates.

Print this if needs be to get a vote from the public and if it is strong enough then let's get a movement to get rid of these hypocrites for once and for all.

Martin Keeble,

Carnon Downs