Dancers from local charity Shallal thrilled shoppers with a pop-up show at the Wherrytown Co-op after receiving a cheque from the Co-op Community Fund.

The money will go towards Shallal’s new and much needed inclusive community dance theatre group Open House, which started as a pilot in September.

Shallal had been chosen by Co-op earlier in the year to benefit from their Co-op Community Fund, where a percentage of what is spent by Co-op shoppers goes towards local charities. With the help of local people Shallal raised £5,391, which was received by Shallal dancers in the Wherrytown branch. Co-op treated Shallal dancers to cake and drinks after their improvised performance which included dancing down the aisles and around the tills.

Shallal’s new inclusive group Open House, takes place at the Acorn Theatre on Thursday mornings and welcomes people of all ages and abilities. Open House follows Shallal’s successful model of inclusive dance groups which help people to explore creativity, make friends, increase movement and confidence and overcome isolation.

"It has been fantastic to be part of Co-op’s Community Fund," said Open House facilitator Colin Curbishley. "We would like to say a very big thank you to Co-op and to all those who have voted for us locally, enabling Open House to grow and become established."

Open House is open to new participants. If you would like to join or find out more call Colin on 07747 543300.