The acting Bishop of Truro Chris Goldsmith has called on Cornwall to be kind in his Christmas message.

He said: "It has clearly been a really tough year for many folk, and not just difficult but actually unsettling, the uncertainty around Brexit, some of the tragedies that we've seen around the nation and around the world have been heart-breaking.

"And as people look forward they're going to be wondering what is it going to be like.

"I think we're in danger sometimes of losing the ability to truly listen to one another, and particularly people who disagree with us, and to be willing, even when we disagree, to be kind."

In his wider Christmas message to Cornwall - the Bishop is also urging us to see the positive in difficult situations.

He continued: "One of the other things that is a feature of our Christmas celebration is candles, and we tend to do services in the dark and in people's homes people turn lights down and have candles, and it's all about attention, are you looking to the light or fearful of the darkness? And there is something about Christmas which is finding light in the darkest of situations.

"The world can be a scary place, it can be very dangerous has been terrible for many folk, but that is not the only story, there is light that shines in the darkness.

"And I think we've seen this in many of the tragedies that have played out on our TV screens, actually when things are very bad that is when you see some of the very best in some of our fellow human beings, those heroes and heroines who have stepped up in the face of terrible events and have just been absolute models of what we all wish to be, has been very heartening.

"So you have to see those two things alongside each other, not to be naive that the world is difficult and dark and dangerous, but also not to be hopeless and despairing."

Moving forward for the New Year, this is what Bishop Chris wants to see for Cornwall.

He said: "I think one of the challenges that faces us as a nation is what kind of a nation to be want to be? I think some of the ways that we've reacted to the whole Brexit debate, we've said we want to take that control, well what are we going to do with that control?

"I hope that we spend time thinking about what do we want Cornwall to be like in the light of the changes that are coming, internationally and within our own nation.

"One and all is our motto as Cornwall, and I hope that we can really give attention to that building of community."

You can find a full list of Christmas services taking place all over Cornwall here.