THE Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for Cornwall over the weekendwith heavy rain and flooding.

Between 6pm Saturday, December 30 and 09am Sunday, December 3, heavy rain is expected across much of southwest England from Saturday evening and overnight into Sunday morning.

Bus and train services will probably be affected along with spray and flooding on some roads making journey times longer. Flooding of a few homes and businesses is also possible.

The chief forecaster's said: "An area of rain will run across southern parts of England and Wales on Saturday evening and overnight into Sunday.

"With the ground very wet in these areas this is likely to lead to rising water levels and some flooding in places.

This is most likely on Sunday morning with some very heavy rain possible for a time. 15-25 mm of rain is likely with some spots seeing 30-40 mm - much of this falling in 3 hours or so on Sunday morning."