As you may know, the Addinall's, Dave and Anne at 5 Fenwick Road put on probably the best Christmas lights display in Falmouth on the house and garden.

It's still there so do take a look. This year they have been collecting money for Cornwall Hospice and have had a bucket attached to their gate. Dave empties it regularly and they have already raised over £400.

Unfortunately on December 23 someone stole the bucket and I found it in a lane off Boscawen Road. We don't think very much money was taken. Dave thinks it was taken around 10am by someone on a bike.

However, it was very distressing for Dave and Anne and if very sad that someone would do such a thing. The person who took it must be very desperate or very selfish or just doesn't understand what Christmas and charity is all about.

Whilst it would be easy to hate them for what did, we want to help them see the error of their ways. If they are brave enough to come forward and apologise to Dave and Anne, we can forgive their misjudgement, help them if they need food or clothing and would like to take them to visit the hospice so they can see the importance of giving, not just taking. If you are reading this and you know who they are, please have a word.

Paul Hills