This is the dramatic moment a man and his dog were swept into the stormy sea by a giant wave at Mullion this evening.

He now owes his life to two quick thinking onlookers, who managed to drag him from the icy water of Mullion Harbour using a life ring.

The man, who has been described by witnesses as a "local man from Mullion" was described as "exhausted, battered but safe" following the ordeal.

Falmouth Packet:

His dog also survived, despite being washed out into the harbour up to four times before being pulled in by an old fishing net.

The two brave rescuers were Roo Jumunjy, who lives nearby, and a holidaymaker from Poole.

Falmouth Packet:

Chris Hunt, who witnessed the rescue, said: "Thank heavens that the quick thinking of these two saved the man, who was in shock, and after what seemed like a lifetime the dog was guided to the shore with the use of an old piece of net.

"Thank you to both of them for braving the chance of also being swept into the sea."

Falmouth Packet: