The World, the largest private residential ship on the planet and home to only 165 residences is paying a return call to the port this year.

The vessel which will be on the northern European sector of her 2018 world itinerary.

Falmouth made a lasting impression with the “residents” of the 43,000 ton luxury cruise ship when she spent two days moored alongside the County wharf in 2004. Described within the industry as the world’s first floating community at sea the vessel returned in 2011 with Falmouth being only one of three UK ports on the ship’s itinerary.

The idea behind the building of The World is down to two men, Captain Ola Harstein and his then boss Knut Kloster Jnr who formed the company ResidenSea.

The original concept was for an 85,000 ton ship to be built at Howaldtswerke Deutsche but ResidenSea reduced the size of the ship with a contract being placed with the Norwegian shipbuilder Fosen Mek Verksteder A/S Rissa. The hull was built in Sweden under contract and towed to Trondheim for fitting out.

Everywhere this remarkable ship goes she attracts and generates media attention.

The World has 110 luxury flats and 80 apartments, which were originally designed for the use of holidaymakers wishing to take a cruise on this unique ship.

On October 30, 2003 ResidenSea Ltd sold the ship en bloc to the vessel’s residence owners. The World now has a Resident’s Committee to decide the ship’s itinerary.

The ship has eight passenger decks but the main activity deck is Deck 5 which is a pedestrian street which changes from carpet to a slate floor as it approaches the stern where there is a fully retractable open air marina and pool complex.

The ship boasts two 12.5 metre long swimming pools and a full sized tennis court.

Since being launched in 2002 The World has continuously circumnavigated the globe, spending extensive time in the most exotic and well-travelled ports, allowing Residents to wake up in a new destination every few days.