A second defibrillator has been installed in Mabe and villagers are invited along to a demonstration towards the end of the month when they will be shown how to use the life-saving machine.

Steve Nisbett, the owner of Mabe Stores and Post Office, has just accepted delivery of the second unit from Norman Trebilcock of FLEET (Front Line Emergency Trust) which, just like the one at the Community Hall, is available 24 hours a day.

All the money needed to buy the two units generated through fundraising and donations within the village. The parish council has agreed to guarantee the maintenance costs for the next five years, but public support is also helping.

Mabe Age Concern Lunch Club collected £60 instead of sending Christmas cards to one another. The chairman of the Lunch Club presented the money to the chairman of the parish council Andrew Thomas, at their Christmas lunch.

The fundraising is ongoing, Steve Nisbett still has a collection box in his shop to help towards the annual maintenance cost of the unit.

The village fundraising organiser Keith Bryant is very grateful to everyone in the area who helped to raise the £5,700 that was needed to give the village 24 hour access to the potentially lifesaving equipment. Access to the units are via ambulance control, who should be the first point of contact, in the event of anyone suffering a suspected cardiac arrest.

FLEET, who help install defibrillators across Cornwall, have organised a demonstration in Mabe Parish Hall at 10am on Saturday, February 24, when local residents will be able to learn all they need to know about when and how the units should be used. The demonstration is free to attend and there will be coffee, tea and biscuits.