Proposals to create a student village on the outskirts of Penryn go back before councillors next week who are again being recommended to reject the scheme.

The proposed development, which would sit between Treluswell and Treliever roundabouts, was debated at Cornwall Council's strategic planning committee meeting before Christmas when a decision was deferred. But, despite more meetings and briefings, the council's planning officer is sticking to his advice to refuse the scheme.

The reasons being put forward for refusal are that the site is not an allocated site for development and is some distance form the nearest town; it is in open countryside which is significant in terms of both landscape

character and visual amenity and is productive high value agricultural land.

Finally, the proposed pedestrian and cycle links would not be safe or suitable and students would be likely to walk in the road to and from the campus.

While the proposals are opposed by St Gluvias, Mabe and Budock Parish Councils and Penryn Town Council, they are supported by Falmouth Town Council.

In a bid to win support, the scheme's architects have sent out an open letter to stakeholders which claims that Penvose Student Village provides "the only viable option" to prevent speculative student developments in Falmouth and Penryn.

The letter states: "There are currently 7,300 students across Woodlane and Penryn Campuses, with the university’s own forecasts showing an expected increase of 1,537 students in the next three years.

"We are looking at a shortfall of around 1,500 beds by September 2020, unless there is a significant pick up in the delivery of purpose-built student accommodation. Without new purpose-built accommodation pressure will build to grant planning consents for HMOs, notwithstanding the fact that the Article 4 direction in Falmouth seeks to control such changes of use. That is going to make it even more difficult for local families to find somewhere to live.

"Currently the neighbourhood plan has not been adopted so it would be easy for a developer to demonstrate to a Government planning inspector that there is a lack of provision. We have seen this with the Rosslyn Hotel, Ocean Bowl and Fish Strand Hill, which all received huge numbers of objections, however, the council’s decision has been easily overturned."

The development is being supported by the Smithick Ward Residents Association in Falmouth who say: "We believe that Penvose Student Village will provide a long term solution for both students and local residents alike. Penvose, which is situated close to the university will offer rents significantly cheaper than current purpose built student accommodation in Falmouth."

The scheme will go back before the strategic planning committee next Thursday, February 15. The meeting will begin at 10am and will be available to watch via webcast at