Penzance may be campaigning for the reopening of its heliport - but what about creating one for Helston?

This was the suggestion from Cross Street resident James Buchanan, who questioned whether, with RNAS Culdrose on the town's doorstep, it might be possible to open a commercial heliport linked to the naval base.

This could then provide helicopter transfers to the Isles of Scilly, thereby boosting Helston's economy.

He said: "If you want to open up west Cornwall to the rest of the world that would help a lot."

Mr Buchanan was making his feelings known after telling town councillors at their last meeting that Helston was being "killed by its transport infrastructure - or lack of."

He said: "Until these things are addressed this town isn't going to flourish as we would hope it to."

With regards to councillor Mike Thomas's bid before Christmas to rally support for the reinstatement of a branch railway line, he said: "I understand the only thing blocking it is land ownership, more than anything. Putting the rack back in and reinstating the infrastructure is very straight forward."

He added that he spoke to a friend who used to own a large construction company that installed rail track all over the UK, who described the job as a "piece of cake."

Mr Buchanan also described the road links as "appalling," comparing the Redruth road to not much better than a "cart track."

He believed one day the A30 would become dual carriageway all the way down to the Penzance and said it was important to work with other towns and parishes so that when this happened Helston could have its own junction off it.

John Martin, who is both a town councillor and also a Cornwall Council member, said he had broached the idea of a heliport with MP Derek Thomas, who was currently in full negotiations regarding Penzance's bid to reopen one.

Fellow town and Cornwall councillor Mike Thomas added that the unitary authority had a "plan for the A30, but no money" and regarding his railway ambitions he said: "Network Rail has said, 'We support it, but you find the money'."