People of all ages living in Mawnan Smith, from primary school pupils to pensioners, are becoming more and more concerned about how we look after our environment.

"We love where we live and want to ensure that in the future others will be able to enjoy this area of outstanding natural beauty," said Gill Druce, of Mawnan WI. "Brownies and Rainbows, the village school and Mawnan WI have all been concerned about plastics in the seas and the problem of unrecyclable items."

In recent weeks, all the groups have started to collect plastic milk bottle tops which are collected by a charity to funds the making of wheelchairs. "Following on from this it seemed a natural progression to join forces to celebrate Green Hearts Day on 14th February to draw attention to issues relating to climate change the the need to protect our environment," added Gill.

Mawnan WI ladies went along to a joint Rainbows and Brownies meeting and helped to make green hearts which will be hung on trees in the centre of the village.