MP George Eustice was grilled during a question and answer session when he visited Pool Academy to help launch a flagship awards scheme for students.

The MP took part in a promotional video to mark the start of the Citizenship Awards programme before recording a question and answer session.

Questions fired at the MP included: "At what age did you become interested in politics and how

did you get into it?", "Are the young people of Pool important to the Government of the UK and if so why?" and "Can you remember your first political speech? Were you nervous?"

Nick Hamblin, from Pool Academy, said the students enjoyed questioning the MP and found Mr Eustice’s responses informative. He said it was wonderful the MP was so interested in the school’s new Citizenship Awards programme and he wanted to get involved.

Mr Hamblin said: “We are grateful to Mr Eustice coming to help us launch the Citizenship Awards which have been created to help prosper our students.

“The awards are for all our students in years seven, eight and nine. They can work up from bronze, through silver and up to gold by completing a number of tasks which could include representing the school in a sport, helping with assemblies, productions or helping with the open evening.”

Mr Hamblin said he acknowledged many students already made significant contributions both in and out of school.

He added: “These awards will ensure we celebrate existing activity and further encourage all of our students to make a contribution to school and community life, whist developing themselves. We hope too, that they will go on making significant contributions to the school, the community and beyond as they further develop into young adults.”