Porthleven is without a water supply this morning - and the company responsible has no idea when it will be back.

South West Water has apologised to customers, saying "we don't have a time frame" for restoring it, but has given assurances that it was "working around the clock to fix the problem."

Customers who have contacted the water company about the issue have been told it is the result of burst pipes.

A statement regarding Porthleven on South West Water's website this morning reads: "We’re aware that you may be experiencing interruptions to your water supply. We’d like to thank you for your patience and reassure you that we’re doing everything we can in this situation.

"Our teams are working around the clock to maintain essential services to our customers and are currently on site investigating the cause of the issue.

"We’re very sorry, as currently we don’t have a time frame for full restoration of supplies; however, we will keep our website updated with the most recent progress.

"Thank you again for your patience and understanding."

Problems began in the port yesterday evening, with people first complaining of low water pressure before losing their supply altogether.

Today concerned residents have been writing on social media about the problem and have been demanding of South West Water that water is delivered to the area.

One mother wrote: "As they are not able to guarantee when the water will come back on, and I have a baby, I have requested they let us know asap when they are able to deliver water supplies to the community, as they should have a procedure in place for when this happens to large communities."

Another agreed: "[They] defo should be dropping water if they can’t give a time frame."

Porthleven Primary School has been forced to close today as a result of having no water.

In the last few minutes some areas of the port have had their supply restored, including Prospect Place and one resident of Treza Road - although their neighbour is still without.