Plans to introduce double yellow lines in areas across Falmouth and Penryn have been revealed and while some are expected to be welcomed by residents and businesses, others are already causing concern.

In Penryn, residents' parking is also being proposed for a large area from Greenwood Road and Andrewartha Road, down as far as the primary school, and also around Charter Close. All residents living within these areas will have received notification of the plans through the post.

The locations for the double yellow lines in both towns have been identified following Cornwall Council's 2016 parking review and focus on areas where "indiscriminate and inappropriate" parking is causing restrictions to the free flow of traffic and road safety.

One such area, which will affect parents on the school run, is along Bickland Water Road, in both directions from its junction with Mongleath Road. This area is thought to have been included in anticipation of the housing estate which is to be built on Pool Field, opposite St Francis School.

The plans also show stretches of Trescobeas Road, including opposite the hospital; the top of Killigrew Street, down from the day centre; New Windsor Terrace and Windsor Heights, on both sides; Gyllyngvase Hill, parts of Budock Terrace, Fenwick Road, Arwenack Avenue and behind Swanpool Beach car park.

The council also plans to impose no waiting along Treveglos Road, Boscundle Avenue and Penhale Road at Goldenbank. In 2016, residents were campaigning for double yellow lines here, claiming parking along the only road in and out of the estate could lead to a serious accident which would leave over 2,000 occupants, and the emergency services, unable to enter or leave and lead to huge tailbacks.

To tackle the problem of campervans becoming a fixture along Pendennis Point, it is proposed to ban overnight parking in the area known as the divers' layby. Restrictions would mean there would be no parking between midnight and 6am.

In Penryn the proposals include areas of Permarin Road, Broad Street, Parkengue, Trevance, Commercial Road, the bottom of Hill Head and the first part of Bohelland Road.

Cornwall Council is currently consulting on all the proposals until March 16 and asking for public feedback. Comments can be made online at, where full details of the proposals can be found; by email to, quoting scheme name and scheme reference and indicating your support or objection to the proposals; or by writing to Engineering Design Group, Cormac Consultancy, Radnor Road, Scorrier, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 5EH.