Year four pupils from Constantine School spent a day on the farm recently and saw first hand the processes involved in getting milk from a cow to a bottle.

The youngsters were invited to Treleague Dairy at Ruan Minor where they were shown around by Claire Skewes. They were shown where and how the cows are milked, where the animals live, roam and feed and how their milk is pasteurised, separated and bottled.

"The milking parlour was exciting as we saw the computers tracking the amount of milk each cow produced, cleaned udders and moved equipment into place ready for the next cows to be milked," said teacher Cags Gilbert. "Some of us narrowly missed getting pooed on."

Away from the milking shed, the children had the chance to feed some lambs and calves and saw calves that had been born only 48 hours earlier.

"Luckily we are learning all about hygiene and keeping clean in our E-Bug learning project at school, so we cleaned our hands thoroughly before eating and drinking," added Mrs Gilbert.

The visitors paid particular attention to the fact that the farm is promoting the use of glass bottles rather than single use plastic ones, as pupils and staff are working towards becoming a plastic free school.

After an action-packed day at the farm, the children all agreed that one of the best bits was enjoying a milkshake, in a glass bottle of course, made from "super fresh milk."