A crowdfunding page has been launched in the hope of raising £5,000 to pay for street decorations for Camborne's Trevithick Day celebrations on April 28.

Trevithick Day celebrates engineering genius and inventor Richard Trevithick who came from Camborne. He was an important figure in Cornwall’s former mining industry, and built the first full-scale working railway steam locomotive.

Trevithick Day itself is host to streams of steam engines, singing, dancing and parades. The town will also play host to local trade stalls, choirs, brass bands, buskers and clowns and hundreds of children from local schools will dress as traditional bal maidens and miners.

Trevor Dalley, the founder of Trevithick Day and chairman of the organising committee for 20 years, was disappointed by the town's appearance at last year's event and so has set up the JustGiving page, aiming to put that right this year.

He said: “Last April Camborne Trevithick Day was greeted by many, with cries of dismay (of) ‘Where’s the bunting?’ We intend putting that right.”

Trevor, who three years ago he returned as chairman to re-establish the day as a community led event, added: "Our new flags, feather flags and bunting will feature the colours from the town crest; cherry, blue, gold and black with the town crest centred in each flag. This means that our street decorations will be synonymous with the town and its history and will emphasise the pride that we have in our community. Support us with a donation please.”

Donors have left messages of support on the JustGiving page with one writing: “It's a great day for celebrating Camborne's history. I hope it carries on for many years.”

Another said: “I may not be able to attend on the day because of health issues but I still want to support all volunteers who work hard to give Camborne a community day in celebration of a famous man.”

So far the campaign has raised £385. To support Trevor's efforts by pledging a donation, go to justgiving.com/crowdfunding/trevor-dalley.