Work to repair a damaged sea wall belonging to the Greenbank Hotel has begun, and is expected to be completed in a few weeks.

Cormac had already planned works on the wall to complement repair done on the nearby steps last year, and are now rescheduling to get it finished as soon as possible after recent storms.

Jim Driscoll, Cormac’s project manager, said: “Thanks to a combination of wear and tear, high tides and extreme weather, a corner of the wall has fallen away. There is potential for more damage if action isn’t taken quickly, especially given current forecasts of further high winds."

The work itself will take the equivalent of ten days, but this will be spread out over a longer period due to the moving of the tide, which restricts the number of hours that Cormac are able to work on the area.

In previous repairs carried out by Cormac and RM Construction of Redruth, 60 metres of marine grade stainless steel rods were bonded into the wall using cement grout to stabilise it.

The steps and garden area will be fenced off for safety reasons, and Cormac are asking members of the public to stay clear of the site and not ignore the warnings.