Police are investigating a group who claim to have damaged property belonging to students and have threatened to escalate their activities with the aim of making Falmouth a "no-go zone" for university students.

A letter signed FHS (Falmouth Hates Students) was delivered to the Falmouth Packet office on Monday morning and was later collected by the police, who are taking the threats held within it very seriously.

The anonymous letter writer says: "The Nazis at Falmouth University have had there (sic) way for too long, wrecking the lovely town of Falmouth with too many students and overdevelopment and not accepting there (sic) own responsibility to house students on-site.

"No-one listens to the good people of Falmouth so now we are taking our own direct action. We have no option but to make Falmouth a no go area for students."

The letter continues: "Since the start of this year Falmouth Hates Students group (FHS) has been damaging student property, like cars, and will continue and escalate this activity to the extent that no families will want to send their young ones to Falmouth.

"We are going to make Falmouth a no-go zone for students. That will f*** the uni, the developers, the t**** at Bristol planning and all the ***** at Tremough good and proper.

"And we can have our lovely town back with just the original few decent students at the paint school at Wood Lane, which has always been an aset (sic)."

In response to the letter, Falmouth and Helston Sector Inspector Ian Thompson said: "Although this is currently an isolated incident we’re taking the letter seriously and are investigating crimes under the Malicious Communications Act while working closely with the university to provide reassurance and greater visibility throughout the town.

"It is absolutely unacceptable that any section of our community should be threatened or targeted in such a way. Falmouth is recognised as one of the best towns in the UK and the student community contribute to the diversity of the area that makes it so attractive to the wider population."

He added: "People who visit, live or work in Falmouth have a right to feel safe and we will take every step to maintain public safety.

"I encourage anyone who has information relating to the threats to contact the police by calling 101 and quoting crime reference CR/23733/18. Also I urge anyone who feels they’re a victim of crime or intimidation due to links with the university to contact the police immediately."

Falmouth University and the University of Exeter, who share the Penryn Campus at Tremough, both declined to make any comment on the letter.