FIFTEEN people are planning to jump out of a plane at 10,000ft this weekend - all in memory of Falmouth teenager Sasha Watson and to raise money for Tanya's Courage Trust.

The team is being led by Sasha's mum, Michelle Bray, who runs the charity's shop in Penryn, and is made up of family members, colleagues and friends. They are: Kay Barnes, Chris Mullins, Jenna Stivey, Natalie George, Maria Collett, Dougy Rundle, Patrick Grobbelaar, Rosie Henry, Fran Macfie, Judith Wilkes, Richard Roach, Andrew Strathdee, Siobhan Caddy and Michele Harris.

Sasha died in February 2015 at the age of just 19 following a spirited two year battle against a rare form of cancer, Fibromellar. She and her family had been supported by Tanya's Courage Trust during her illness, so Michelle and her friends now work hard to fundraise for the charity.

The 15 will be taking part in a tandem skydive over Perranporth on Sunday, weather permitting, and all have their own Crowdfunding pages set up.

Michelle said: "Kay and I have never ever considered or even thought about jumping out a plane and am absolutely terrified, but the fear we are feeling is not a patch on the fear that young people facing cancer feel.

"Teenagers and young people around us in our communities are dealing with cancer every day with pure guts and determination.

"Jumping out of a plane will not take their cancer away, we would be jumping out all day every day if it could, but the money raised will go towards making their journey with cancer a little more bearable. For anything they may need financially, emotionally and socially.

"Tanya‘s Courage Trust helped Sasha on her journey through cancer and we are aiming to raise money to help other young people like Sasha."

Sasha's cousin, Jenna Stivey, says: "She was the most brilliant, resilient person and her memory inspires me every single day which is why I have made the insane decision to take part in a skydive to raise money for Tanya's Courage Trust."

Judith Wilkes adds: "I am so scared of heights and thinking about this skydive is making me tremble, but it is nothing to what Michelle and her family have gone through losing their daughter...just unimaginable."

Michelle Harris adds: "This worthwhile charity is very dear to me. I am giving a big shout out to all my friends and family to help me in raising some good old fashioned English pounds for me to jump out of a plane at 10,000ft, check out the Cornish scenery, that I'll look through squinted eyes..and help raise enough for me to be proud of."

While all the jumpers are raising money individually, Michelle's fundraising page can be found at