Hayle-based farm Riviera Produce is investing £5 million to produce cauliflowers all year round thanks to its partnership with Aldi.

The farm started working with Aldi six years ago and supplies more than 12 million units to the supermarket each year, with 120 jobs having been created on the farm directly as a result of their partnership with the supermarket.

David Simmons, Managing Director at Riviera Produce, said: "We’ve come a long way since our business began in 1870, and continued investment from Aldi is enabling us to grow and modernise more than ever before.

"This show of support for British farmers such as ourselves is leading to an increase in our yields, which means more people across the country are able to enjoy our products."

Riviera is investing the money into modern, eco-friendly installations like solar panels to cut energy use and upgrade their farm so that it is greener and more sustainable.

The money will also go into refrigeration and improvements to the growing and packing facilities so that the farm is able to produce cauliflower all year round.

This will negate the need for imports from abroad during the winter months and make local produce more readily available.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said: "We’ve worked with many of our suppliers since we first entered the UK market in 1990, and our approach is based on consistency and stability.

"Our partnership with Riviera results in high quality products for our customers, whilst at the same time growing their livelihood and creating jobs for the community."

Aldi is the UK’s fifth largest and fastest growing supermarket with over 750 stores and over 30,000 employees.